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Mehnat Manzil

Museum of work

81% of India's workforce consists of Informal Workers. The sector is a strong economic base for our country providing services in domestic help, Maintainance work, building infrastructure, manual labour work and other skilled services (Cobblers, plumber, Gardener, Milkman, manual scavenging). Mehnat Manzil, museum of work highlights the livelihoods and work done by this informal sector. It is created in collaboration between Saath and Conflictorium. My role was to look at the Spatial navigations, Furniture and Exhibit Design.

Mehnat Manzil is located in Vasna, Ahmedabad an area where a large locality of informal workers lives. the location allows the museum to be rooted in the context of its surrounding. The narrative of the museum is divided into three levels of abstraction: from the personal, to communal, to socitals level. Which are also depicted by the black. grey and white rooms.


Conflcitorium & Saath

Team: Conflictorium & Saath

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