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Recycling Textiles

This personal project was inspired by the thought-provoking documentary 'The True Cost,' shedding light on the hidden facets of the textile industry and the fast fashion phenomenon. Acknowledging that the textile industry ranks second in environmental pollution after the oil sector, the core ethos of this endeavor is to ensure that the clothes we purchase contribute to the well-being, 'Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan' (food, clothing, and shelter), of the individuals who create them.

The project's primary objective was the sustainable reutilization of old textiles, employing innovative methodologies to rejuvenate discarded fabrics. Leveraging advanced techniques, including Hollander machinery, the goal was to transform these textiles into fresh, eco-conscious materials, all while circumventing traditional, labor-intensive processes.


Shristi Sharma

Shristi Sharma

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