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Varanasi Yatra

The exhibit is part of "Ras Banaras", a Virtual Museum situated at ManMahal, Varanasi. The project is about creating a virtual reality(VR) experience surrounding the Ghats from the holy city of Benaras also known as Varanasi.

The experience is based on the daily proceedings of the ghats themselves with few points of interest. We created a journey along the holy river that takes the visitor on a boat ride of another worldly version of the ghats of Kashi.

Beginning from Assi ghat in the early morning where the day begins with prayers and baths, then Tulsi Ghat in the afternoon which is quiet and represents knowledge and spirituality. The night falls with Manikarnika Ghat where the body dies and the soul is released into heaven.​​​​​​​


National Council Of Science Museums, Kolkata

Team: Anirudh, Jessica, Krishnan, Shristi
Guide: Tanishka, Jonak
Client: National Council Of Science Museums, Kolkata

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